Working on freelance articles


Edinburgh Manor outside of Scotch Grove, Iowa. Photo by Jim Winter.


Exciting things are happening at 22K Creative.

I have picked up another client, that I am working on a logo for, but this week I’ll be sinking my teeth into two freelance articles.

The first is about the Codfish Hollow Barnstormers in rural Maquoketa, Iowa. I recently traveled to the property to watch my favorite band ever, Miles Nielsen and the Rusted Hearts, play the basement of the Barnstormers owners’ home. It was an amazing show, and I wanted to dive into the culture on this property and why this family would open their property to musicians like they do.

The second piece I’ll be working on is about the weekend I just spent at Edinburgh Manor near Scotch Grove, Iowa. I went there to cover a paranormal investigation, but left with much more than notes from interviews. I made some good friends and had some personal experiences that can’t be explained.

Be on the lookout for these soon. I’ll post excerpts of them here for review, and once they are picked up for publication, the entire articles.


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